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Welcome to Nachas Unlimited
Did you know that you can get two mitzvahs with one click of a mouse, supporting a tzedakah and fulfilling the mitzvah of Zecher LeChurban

What Is Nachas Unlimited?

Nachas Unlimited is a non-profit organization, qualified under section 501(c)(3), devoted to helping Jewish children around the world suffering from physical and mental illnesses as well as medically challenged and disabled children in the United States and Israel. Formed in 1991, the organization has never had any salaried staff or occupied an office. Nachas conducts its work entirely through the use of volunteers. The only expenses incurred are those for postage, printing and stationery supplies. As such, more than 95 cents of every dollar collected goes to children in need.

Funds are raised via mailed solicitations, sponsorship of entertainment and vacation programs, sale of advertising in a community directory and merchandise donated to, or purchased by, Nachas for re-sale.

During the last 18 years Nachas has distributed more than $200,000 and has helped more than 110 individual unfortunate children in the United States, Europe and Israel in the areas of medical needs, clothing, special foods, bris milah, abandonment, abused children and much more due to the kind and generous donations of people like you. The organization receives requests directly from families in need as well from caregivers and organizations. Its Volunteer Board of Directors evaluates each request and authorizes funding where deemed appropriate. In addition, to ensure appropriate application of funds, money is distributed to health care providers and non-profit organizations only. We invite our friends to become active participants in all our activities and pray that Hashem grant you the blessing of Nachas Unlimited.

For more information about the Zecher L'Churban project click here


“ My daughter deserves a chance to live! Can you help make this happen?”

“Please give us hope that their lives will improve….”

“ As you might imagine, the challenges of day to day life are enormous…”

“We could not have done it, without your help.”

“ Your generous support will be able to provide these children with the care they deserve…”

“ You have given us lots of Nachas in the knowledge that someone out there cares…”

“Please pray for our little girl.”

“ My four year old son was born completely paralyzed from the waist down.”


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