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Did you know that you can get two mitzvahs with one click of a mouse, supporting a tzedakah and fulfilling the mitzvah of Zecher LeChurban

What is Zecher L'Churban ?

Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel is the holiest of all lands on Earth. Jerusalem is the holiest of all cities. The Temple Mount is the holiest part of Jerusalem and the site of the Beit HaMikdash - the holy temple. The Bet HaMikdash is the holiest place on the Temple Mount, and thus, the holiest place in the universe. The Jewish people built two Batei Mikdash. The first was destroyed by the Babylonians, and the second was destroyed by the Romans. What was lost to us in the destruction of the Batei Mikdash was not merely a beautiful, central place of worship. A large shul can easily be rebuilt and replaced. Rather, we lost a unique connection to G-d that can only be achieved in the holy Temple in Jerusalem. We lost a complete Jewish way of life—a life of tahara, kedusha and shechina. Jews worldwide are aware that the annual commemoration of Tisha B’Av is a day of mourning and lamentation for the loss of the two Batei Mikdash and this special way of life. Many Jews are less aware that to facilitate a constant awareness of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, the Sages of the Talmud issued a series of decrees to help us focus on what we are missing. For example, the breaking of the glass at a wedding reminds us that despite our great joy at the marriage of a young couple, there is still something missing in our celebration if we are without the Beit Hamikdash. Another example is a Rabbinic decree that our homes not be built in the manner of “royal palaces”. How can we live in a beautiful, unblemished home, when the House of G-d is barren and desolate? Accordingly, the Sages ordained that a part of one’s home near the doorway should remain unplastered and unpainted. An area of one square cubit, i.e., between 18 and 24 square inches, of the house should remain unplastered and unpainted—even while the rest of the house is magnificently adorned. This square cubit, near the doorway, serves as a perpetual reminder that all is not perfect. By purchasing the special artwork on this site, you will be doing two mitzvos - giving tzedakah to help unfortunate children as well as fulfilling the Rabbinic decree to remember the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash.


Why You Should Participate In This Project?

This unique fundraising event features a collection of artwork representing Jewish artists who reside all over the United States and Canada. The artists were asked to render their interpretation of the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash. Each artist donated their masterpieces to Nachas Unlimited without any compensation in recognition of the chesed that the organization performs.

Your participation enables you to acquire reproductions of original art and offers the opportunity to provide beautiful gifts to your children, grandchildren and your friends. This “win-win” opportunity for charitable giving should not be missed.


To participate in the Zecher L'Churban project click here


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